Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sometimes you smack the window

Tonight at dinner I was looking out the window and watching the birds outside at the feeder.  I couldn't believe that a year had gone by without any injured creatures showing up in the backyard.  Just then there was a loud thud and a bird smacked into the window.  It's the last day of 2016, and I feel like that summed up the year perfectly.  

Everyone kept describing the year 2016 as "Total Devastation," but I thought many positive things emerged this year.  I quit smoking pot and started going out into the world again.  I feel like I reinvented myself and became the person I had been stifling for so long.  I started writing again and  created this blog.  I traveled to see friends, went to shows and did things I had previously held myself back from doing.  I met one of my heroes and probably the most famous person I will ever meet in my life.  I became a friend to someone I respect as an artist and admire as a person.  2016 taught me that life is too short to be stuck in a rut doing shit you hate and hanging out with people that piss you off.   I was sick of my job, so I got a new one.  I found out that I could have a career doing something I liked, that I was also good at. I needed an avenue to meet new people, so I found one.  I even reconnected with people that I hadn't been close to in a long time and it was wonderful. I surprised myself by doing things I didn't know I was even capable of.  It felt good, but in a way I was startled by it.  Probably as startled as that bird was when it banged into the window.

I know 2016 wasn't without its faults.  I know there were times I fucked up.  Sometimes we fly into that window. We lost a lot of friends, relatives, pets and celebrities. We gained a little orange antichrist. I punched myself in the face and hit my head a lot.   But even though a shitload of fuck happened this year, I won't let it get to me. The former me might have let it all sit and fester.  But 2016 was the year I learned to let things go. That there's no point in holding on to that anger or dwelling on things you can't change.  It's there, it happened. Being sullen or a perennial curmudgeon isn't going to make it easier or grant you a do-over.  Just keep going.  If that bird can smack a window, get his ass up and fly off, so can we.  Be strong, laugh at stupid shit and move the fuck on.

Sometimes you smack the window. Sometimes the window smacks you. Now dust yourself off and fly away 2016. Fly, Fly Fly.    

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